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Your vehicle is a great investment you use to take you from place to place. Take care of that investment with the help of Unique Auto Repair in Detroit, MI. We are your trusted auto shop mechanics offering complete auto repairs for foreign and domestic vehicles. With over 35 years of experience, we have been the honest and dependable choice in the Greater Detroit area for professional auto service and repair, mufflers, transmissions, and more. Call (313) 945-7661 to schedule your auto service today!

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Unique Auto Repair is family owned and operated by a team of friendly mechanics ready to assist you. We stand behind our entire work and we will never try to charge you for unnecessary repairs. We provide prompt, quality services and competitive pricing. Honesty and customer service is our #1 priority. While you wait for your repair service, we have a waiting room equipped with complimentary coffee, cable TV, and Wifi for your comfort. If your Check Engine light is on, or your vehicle is showing some other sign of impending breakdown, bring it in today for speedy diagnosis and affordable repair.

Why Is My Check Engine Light On?

  1. Oxygen Sensor Failure. A bad O2 sensor can cause serious damage to spark plugs and the catalytic converter.
  2. Loose Gap Cap. The cap is an important part of your fuel delivery system because it prevents gasoline fumes from leaving the tank.
  3. Dead Battery. Without a functioning battery, your car won't start or light up the road ahead. Come to our expert mechanics for a new battery or replacement.
  4. Vacuum Leaks. The vacuum system helps lower emissions by routing the fumes and your brake booster is also vacuum-operated.
  5. Spark Plug Issues. A malfunctioning spark plug will trigger your engine light. Spark plugs ignite the fuel and air mixture in the cylinders.
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